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at the end of Love is Not Arrogant or Rude...

     Jason wouldn't let me walk him back to his car, but he gave me another quick kiss goodnight and whispered, “Thanks for saving me.  I knew you would be good for me.” 

      I laughed until he had walked about halfway down the sidewalk.  He turned back and winked at me, “I'll call you tomorrow morning and we'll go do something, okay, my girlfriend?”

      I smiled back, deliriously happy, and amazed that I could be so happy after a fight!  “Sure!  Just don't call too early, boyfriend!”

      “I'll try not to, but I don't know if I'll be able to sleep late. I'll be too excited, because I won't want to wait to see you again.”

      “All right, but not until after...eight o'clock at the earliest.”

      “Done.  I'll see you tomorrow.  Sweet dreams.”

      “I think I know exactly what I'm going to dream about tonight, boyfriend.”

      “Kicking Tony's tail?”

      “Ha!  No, I'm going to try to dream about you tonight, Jason.”

      “What a coincidence!  I was going to try to dream about you.”

      “I guess we'll meet in dreamland, then.”

      “I guess we will.  Goodnight, Morgan.”

      “Goodnight, Jason.”  We waved one more time to each other as he pulled out of the driveway, and then I went inside and got ready for bed.  I drifted off to dreamland and dreamed of a white knight with shining armor.


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...and now the continuing story...

...an alternate beginning...

          I woke up even before my alarm went off, too excited to wallow around in bed like normal.  Today I could finally tell everyone that I had an official boyfriend!  My mom could finally quit bugging me about still being single and not looking hard enough.  What else it meant was still uncertain, but I wasn’t going to ruin this beautiful morning by worrying about it.  I wanted to simply enjoy this phase of the relationship, which was uncharacteristic of my usually worrisome self.

          I hurried through my cup of coffee and my Bible reading for the day, acknowledging to the Lord that my brain would not focus on anything yet and promising to spend some more time later after work.  I rushed off to work and clocked in 14 minutes and 59 seconds before 8:00 a.m., the earliest I could swipe my timecard and not get in trouble for altering my timecard.  I sat down at my desk, took a few deep breaths to try to calm my excitement and focus on my work, and dove into the small pile of letters needing to be corrected and addresses printed out.

           My joy was checked a little as I remembered what it was like to work under Jason, my former boss, Mr. Scott.  Though I had been able to interact with him all throughout the day as his personal assistant then, now I worked in a different department, doing much more boring work with no interaction whatsoever with anyone in his building.  I would be forced to wait until lunch break to see him again. 

            Oh, well. I would have to wait.  So I made myself focus on the good side that I would have something great to look forward to.

             Unaware that I had begun to hum quietly to myself, I anticipated the smile on Jason’s face when I told him that I had dreamed about him the night before.  I would tease him a little and not give him any details right away.  Though there weren’t many details anyway.  Already I was forgetting most of what happened, like most of my dreams.  I didn’t think that I would forget the kiss at the end, though. 

            “Well, someone certainly seems happy today,” one of my co-workers walking by my cubicle paused to comment.

            “Hmm?  Really?  Why?” I looked up, surprised.

            “Maybe because you’re humming to yourself.”

            “Was I?  I’m sorry, I didn’t even realize.  Was I disturbing you?”  Because I had just been transferred to that department that week, I still didn’t know many girls and felt insecure about how much to share with them.

            “Oh, no, of course not!  I’m just curious if there’s a specific reason why you’re so happy today!”  She gave me a teasing smile and continued, “Maybe…a guy is involved??”

            I’m sure I blushed and answered, “Yeah, I guess.  My boyfriend Jason.”

            “Aw, how sweet.  Would you like to sit with us at lunch and tell us all about him?”

            “Oh, thank you, but I actually already made plans to eat lunch with him today.”

            “So he works on campus.  Better and better!  If I come by your table, will you introduce me to him?”

            “Sure, Candy.  That would be fine.” 

            “Great!  I can’t wait to meet him!”  Candy continued past my desk and over to the supervisor’s table.

            I hoped that having a boyfriend would help and not hinder my relationships with my co-workers.  Not eating lunch with them could seem a bit snobbish.  I wonder if Jason wouldn’t mind eating with other people sometimes?  Oh, well.  I can’t do anything about it right now, I thought.  I’d better finish these letters now. 

            When the clock struck noon, everyone quickly scanned out and hurried to the cafeteria building.  I followed, trying to catch some of my co-workers’ chatter, but there were too many different conversations.  I couldn’t focus on just one.

            I looked for Jason, but I didn’t see him outside or in line.  I decided to go ahead and scan through the turnstyles, and get in line for one of my favorite meals, Tex Mex.  I loved the option of making nachos just exactly how I wanted them.  I piled on the tortilla chips, added some taco meat, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, a tiny dab of onions, and loads of sour cream.   I did not take any salsa.  My mouth watered, and my stomach rumbled in anticipation. 

            I then looked for Jason again to see if he had already saved us a table, but I didn’t see him.  He wasn’t in line yet, either.  I hesitated.  There was only one more seat at the big round table that Candy and her friends were eating at.  Jason wouldn’t be able to join us.  But if I took a seat by myself, wouldn’t it look like I was snubbing the girls?  I didn’t know these girls very well, though.  I didn’t even know all their names yet.  Because I didn’t see anyone watching, waving me over, or even paying attention to me, I decided to just save one of the two-seater window tables and hope for Jason to join me later. 

            I bowed my head and prayed, thanking the Lord for the food, and then I began chowing down on my nachos.  Oh, they were good!  And I was hungry!  But it wasn’t very fun to eat alone when I was expecting to eat with my brand-new boyfriend.

            I waited and waited, stealing glances at Candy’s table every once in a while.  The empty seat at their table had been taken now, so I didn’t feel missed.  But it wasn’t until I was almost finished with my plate that Jason came over, plopped his tray down, and sat down breathlessly. 


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