How to "Spring" into Joy & Peace by Growing in Gratitude

It's so easy for me to give thanks in the spring! I've always thought the Thanksgiving holiday ought to be in the spring.

But I have to confess: at all other times, gratitude doesn't come naturally to me. My mind naturally focuses on the tasks I need to get to done, the problems I need to solve, or the flaws I wish I could change. I don't normally enjoy joy and peace. I'm too busy.

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Three Areas to Guard when Judging

I don't know about you, but sometimes I struggle with name-calling or personally attacking people I see as enemies, at least in my mind. I may not actually say these thoughts out loud or write them on social media for everyone to see, but I'm thinking them. Is there a time when this is permissible, even beneficial to do? This touchy subject led me to some rather surprising conclusions.

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How to Diagnose Spiritual Heart Disease

May has been a month of Words for me. I mean, I've always used words, no matter what month it is. :) But this month has been one of listening to many messages about the power of our words and sins of the tongue. I think the Lord has really been hammering this home to me. I must have really needed it. ;)

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How to Overcome Barriers to Quiet Time with God

Do you find Bible study boring? Or difficult? Or do you find making time for it too inconvenient? Then you need to read this not-too-long, easy-to-read guide on why and how to study the Bible for yourself.

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May Romance Giveaway! May 5 - May 17

Enter for a chance to win Amazon gift cards or 3 books, including mine!

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Pre-order #3 in the "Love is" series, Love is Patient!

Although I’ve had some technical difficulties, I’m still setting the pre-order date for #3 in the “Love is…” series, Love is Patient.

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How to Love your Child using their Love Language of Quality Time

Do you have a child who loves to spend time doing things with you and just being with you? Do they hate being ignored? Then chances are, their love language is also Quality Time.

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I'm Honored to be Nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award!

I'm so honored to be nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award!

The Mystery Blogger Award is an award for amazing bloggers, who have yet to be discovered. They are one of the best out there, they deserve every recognition they get. Okoto Enigma(Mystery Blogger Award creator)

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The Best 20 Rising Christian Romance Authors (according to Lila)

I don't know about you, but even though I've always considered myself an avid reader, I have a hard time keeping up with new Christian authors. While searching for some new authors in the Christian romance genre, I came upon these new-to-me authors that I can't wait to read!

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How to Spice up Romance and Give your Husband a Break

I don't know about you, but my husband, though a great leader, sometimes gets tired of always initiating every idea. He loves it when I give him a break and come up with something on my own. But that's not my strong suit. So how do we women initiate romance?

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How to Love your Foolish Husband using Proverbs 26

I want to be a wise wife, don't you? But what if our husbands aren't being wise but acting foolish? How do we remain gentle and wise while living with someone who disregards our wisdom? What if we're the one acting foolish?

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He Hideth My Soul Blog Tour

I'm honored to be one of the first blogs to host Faith Blum on her Blog Tour for her new Christian fiction novel, He Hideth My Soul.

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3 Areas to Avoid in order to be a Wise and Loving Wife

Do you want be wise? I sure do. In my study of Proverbs this month, I have been reminded of three things to avoid in order to be a wise woman. When I'm wise, I will also then fulfill the law that Jesus said was most important: love.

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Diller Family's Top 10 Restaurants (in the Statesville/Troutman, NC area)

My family's favorite top 10 restaurants in our area...

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How do Privilege and Responsibility fit together in Marriage?

When I think of privilege, I think of many things. But I will focus on responsibility. At first glance, privilege and responsibility probably seem opposites. But they go hand-in-hand.

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Do You Agree? (Five Minute Friday 2-2-2018)

Today's prompt is AGREE.

I usually inwardly cringe when I hear this word. I immediately think of the ecumenical movement, which, though I agree with their motives, I don't agree with their methods.


Agree to me can have the connotation of tolerance, let everybody believe what they want to believe. It's all good.

That's not really what I think Scripture means...

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Help Influence the Next Title in the Love is Series!

Have you ever wished your opinion would influence your favorite authors? Here's your chance to make a change! 

Help me make my "Love is..." series even better by creating new book titles!

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