Do You Agree? (Five Minute Friday 2-2-2018)

Today's prompt is AGREE.

I usually inwardly cringe when I hear this word. I immediately think of the ecumenical movement, which, though I agree with their motives, I don't agree with their methods.


Agree to me can have the connotation of tolerance, let everybody believe what they want to believe. It's all good.

That's not really what I think Scripture means...

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How to Create Romance in Your Marriage

Some men seem to have a handle on “romance.” They bring flowers often, they don't have to be reminded of anniversaries or date nights. The rest of us look at the wives of those men and envy them. But “romance” is different for every couple, because every couple's relationship is different. So what should “romance” mean for your husband?

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Grow a Spectacular Marriage from Roots to Fruits

I wish I had known some of these principles before I got married. I eventually learned many of the most important ones through experience, but that was the hard way. If you’re single, engaged, or newly married, do your relationship (or future one) a favor and read this book! Even us “pros” who’ve been married 15 years or more can benefit from reminders and from looking ahead to the empty-nest or legacy-leaving years.

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Getting to Know me Better: My Journey with Christ

My personal journey with Christ: I always thought my testimony was so boring.  I never had a miraculous change or an obviously God-thing just happen so that all my family & friends could hear the “Hallelujah” chorus being sung over my head. It's just a quiet, growing relationship with the God of the Universe who has taken up residence in my soul, a journey of a Father carrying His daughter.

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Entering the Christmas season...

We live in a broken world, broken by sickness, war, pride, poverty, hurt, and sorrow—broken by sin. Yet God, the God against whom our sin has been perpetrated and who has every right as the Creator of the universe to obliterate our very existence from the planet, stoops into our brokenness with His love.

That is the very thing we celebrate at Christmas, the comfort of God in our dark, all-encompassing sorrow by the gift and sacrifice of His own Son, Jesus—The Messiah. Do you remember the comfort of His touch? Do you remember the hope of the words, “Your iniquity is pardoned”? Have you known that touch?

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