Pre-order #3 in the "Love is" series, Love is Patient!

I finally set Love is Patient, the third in the "Love is" series, available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle! The Kindle version will be available on June 1. The paperback will be available sometime later in June.

This is an ambitious date for me. A few of you may know from social media that I recently had the file containing three months worth of editing corrupted. :( I still had my rough draft, thankfully, so I'm almost caught up back to where I was. But my timeline has gotten a little stressed. Many of you have asked for the next installment in Morgan's story, so I'm hurrying to edit it and make it the best I can.

As a reminder, this is what the book will be about: Love is Patient is an inspiring Christian romance about a tempted couple's battle to overcome their desire for physical intimacy and remain pure.

Patience just means you get through the waiting, right?

In Love is Patient, Morgan and Jason ask this question as they discover what true patience is. They must not only forbear with their family, making all the wedding decisions in spite of conflicting advice and opinions, but they must also wait to consummate their love. In order to show true agape love to their families, to each other, and to their God, they must conquer their selfish and pleasure-seeking carnal natures with true love, remaining patient, submissive, and pure.

Will they learn to wait on the Lord? Or will they rush into an impure relationship and sully their love with guilt?

Based on the Bible’s definition of true agape love in 1 Corinthians 13, Love is Patient is the third installment of Lila Diller’s “Love is…” series, a contemporary Christian Romance continuing Morgan’s saga.

If you like a quick and easy read, with character development and a Biblical approach, then you’ll love Lila Diller’s book. Stay tuned for Love is Patient to see if Morgan and Jason conquer impatience and lust, learning forbearance and purity.

Go here to preorder the digital copy for only $0.99 at a special early-bird price!