How to Find Trust in Jesus: From Truth to Trust

We hear all the time that we just need to “trust in Jesus more.”  But what exactly does this mean?  How do we learn to trust Him more?  I have reverse-engineered the path from the ending step of trust.  If trust requires hope, hope requires faith, faith requires belief, and belief requires truth, then we need to start with truth.

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This formula can be applied to any relationship you’re struggling with: in-laws, children, parents, siblings, extended family, co-workers, friends, etc.  I will be using the marriage relationship because it’s the most intimate, but you can insert the name of any family member or friend that you’re having trouble with.

It All Starts with Truth

We need to start by learning the Truth about Jesus.  The only 100% reliable source of Truth about Him is the Bible.  He has revealed Himself to us in His Word.  Jesus is the Word Himself, made flesh so He could dwell among us (John 1:1-14). 

We need to be intentional about filling our minds with Biblical truth, both Bible facts and Biblical principles.  As we know more about Him, we should be wanting to know Him more, a relationship with Emmanuel, God with us.

The more we learn about His faithfulness, His love, His mercy, His grace, His holiness, His goodness, etc., the more we believe that Jesus is who He says He is.


That leads us to Belief in Jesus.  Now we have more of an intellectual agreement with the facts that we have learned.  We believe that they are true.  We believe that they matter.  But it doesn’t end there.


Belief, if it’s real, will lead to action.  If I really believe that the earth is round, I will plan my airplane flight plan in an arc, not a straight line.  If I believe that God lives in me, then I will be more conscious of my behaviors and root out sin more and more.

We prove that our belief is real by acting on it (James 2:14-26).  That action is Faith.  One action we take on our belief is to Hope.


Hope is not a wishful, maybe someday longing.  In the Bible, Hope means a confident expectation.  It’s looking forward to something that will definitely happen; it just hasn’t happened yet.  Hope requires belief that what we’re looking forward will happen.  We see all the promises that He has fulfilled already, we see how faithful He has been already, and we know that He will fulfill all the rest of His promises that we’re waiting on.  Waiting on the Lord is really Hoping with Faith.  So, Hope is actually the vehicle by which we put our Trust in Jesus.


That leads us to Trust, finally.  When we have gained the head knowledge about Jesus, agreed with what we learned, put the belief into action by faith, while hoping confidently; then, that head knowledge has found its way into our heart.  We have placed our trust in God.  We know that He knows what is best for us as a good Father and a Good Shepherd.  We wait for Him to work for us and in us and through us.

Effects of Trust

The best part is that trusting is not a boring, serious place to be.  When we are fully trusting in the Lord, we are enjoying His presence, enjoying just being with Him.  We are enjoying the results of trust:

Peace We are resting in Him, not worrying about tomorrow. 

Joy We are enjoying the little things.  We are enjoying Him.

If you want to know more, I talked more about this in this blog post.

Join the conversation: Is there a situation in your life that you haven’t reached Peace and Joy about yet?  What landmark on the journey from Truth to Trust have you passed?  Which one are you heading toward but haven’t reached yet?  I usually hover for a while between Belief and Hope.  I have the head knowledge, but I haven’t acted on it yet.  I need to step out in Faith more by Hoping.  What about you?

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