First Time 11-Day Launch Strategy & Results

This is my Launch Strategy for Love is Patient, #3 in the "Love is..." series.

This was the first time I planned out the tasks I needed to do to promote the launch of my book. Before, I had hit publish on Amazon KDP and then blasted the news to my email launch and social media accounts all at one time, and that was it.

11-day launch strategy.png

This time I listed out the FB groups I wanted to share links in (those I am allowed to), when to share to other social media platforms, and when to send out the emails to tease my email list. I took the general timeline from Nick Stephenson's EMU (Email Marketing Unplugged) free email sequence and adjusted and personalized to my situation as a fiction author only on four social media platforms. 

(By the way, if you don't follow Nick Stephenson already, you should! There will be a bad word from time to time, but he's a funny, helpful, knowledgeable, practical guy with tons of free content! He's the king of offering value. I appreciate how He's helped me so much that I just became an affiliate for his awesome Your First 10,000 Readers course and Reader Magnets ebook! Check them out. There's tons of easily actionable steps in both! And, as always, as an affiliate, I make a small commission, but your price is never increased. I only refer products I believe in.)

You're welcome to copy this Launch Schedule and simply tweak for your own social media platforms and groups. Here is the exact timeline I used for myself:

Publishing strategy for #3 paperback:

  1. Day 7: teaser email#1 AIDA (follow Nick Stephenson's EMU) Attention: “I'm launching a new book on August 21, here's what's going to happen...”

  2. Day 6: find Amazon Affiliate link for paperback & add to Book page.

  3. Day 5: post quote in Pinterest & Instagram & FB groups; Share threads post in FB groups (Create If Writing, Authorpreneur, & Artists & Writers Grow through the Word): share links to Book page. Text: "New release available! Paperback now as well as ebook. Love is Patient is the continuation of Morgan's story as she wades through the frenzied waters of the engagement period! Can she put up with frustrating family? Can she forbear with testy bosses? And can she wait for the physical pleasures of marriage? On sale August only (going up Sep 1)!"

  4. Day 4: teaser email #2 AIDA (EMU) Interest: “cover reveal, book blurb, reviews, sample chapter, launch bonus"; post quote in Instagram; post quote on FB author page; post testimony graphic in reader groups (Christian Fiction Gathering, Christian Fiction Fans, Christian Books – Connecting Readers & Authors.

  5. Day 3: post quote in Pinterest; post quote graphic & link in writers groups (Christian Writers Support, Bloggers by Grace share thread).

  6. Day 2: ask guest posters to mention to their readers or on my guest post that the paperback is available now; ask beta readers to share the link on their FB pages; post testimony graphic in Transformational Fiction, Christian Books & Authors, Avid Readers of Christian Fiction); check for sales status on KDP.

  7. Day 1: post link to Amazon Author Page in Pinterest; post link to Book page in Pinterest; blog post: "Finish the race" or "Patience is a Virtue"; email #3 (CTA) Desire & Action: “the book is live! Here's what you'll get" to book & blog & both segments with links.

  8. Day -1: check sales reports and answer any questions

  9. Day -2: “I'd love to know why you didn't check it out—what can I do to help?” email to those who didn't click in the previous email. 

  10. Day -10: email: "last day to get the sale price at $9.99" reminder email

  11. Day -11: increase price to $12.99 on KDP; set up giveaway

I ended up striking Instagram from my launch to-do's because my phone is acting wacky and Instagram won't post from my scheduler. (I can take pictures and post, but I can't post any saved files.) Because my launch was for fiction, another change I had to make was to strike any emails about a launch bonus, which would have been on Day -1.

I've created a Cheatsheet of this timeline to customize for yourself and plan your own book launch! Click the button below for a FREE Cheatsheet in an Excel file to easily plan your next launch!

11-Day Launch Strategy sample

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As of 9/9/18:

  • 6 ebooks sold in August = $7.51 (2 of #1, 1 of #2, 3 of #3)

  • 2 paperback sold in August = $2.36x2 = $4.72 (1 of #3)

  • KNEP for KU & KOLL: 582 pages

Total royalties for August: $12.23 (KNEP hasn't been calculated & added yet)

This is, admittedly, not much revenue. But then again, I would like to point out that I didn't have any money to spend on a BookBub promotion or any other paid promotion. I couldn't even set the KU 5-day free or on sale promotion, because #3 hadn't been in the Kindle Select program for over 30 days days yet. 

I will be running a 2-day sale for my birthday late in October, and I will try to promote it more then. 

This launch sequence just gives you a basic idea of the free promotions you can do to increase awareness. Hopefully, you can also add some paid promotions that will help even more.


11-Day Book Launch Customized Schedule

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