Thoughts on Marriage with Moriah S.

Moriah S.

Moriah S., Blogger

Single right now, Moriah shares her insights into ideal relationships and how to make that happen practically.

1.   What are the most important things you look for in a partner?

Someone who follows God, is kind and gentle, laughs easily, and loves me for who I am.

2.   What are some red flags that warn you about a potential partner?

I guess if I saw things about him that caused me to worry; certain unhealthy behaviors or traits.

3.   What one thing do you need within a romantic relationship?

Deep friendship and communication are both huge to me.

4.   What are some lessons that you have learned from past relationship failures?  What do you hope to improve on this time/next time?

It is important to let go of bitterness and embrace a loving attitude in relationships. Bitterness does a lot of damage in person's heart as well as the relationship with who they're bitter against. It's never worth it.

5.   What one tip do you have for communicating better in your relationships?

Being willing make the effort to communicate even if you've been hurt and don't feel like trying; basically adopting a Christ-like, forgiving attitude.

6.   Is there a quote or a book that has helped you define your idea of what marriage should be? Why?

J.R. Miller paints a beautiful picture of marriage in his book, Homemaking. It really shaped my view of marriage as he gave clear, wise examples from scripture of how the ideal marriage and home life should be, etc.

7.   As a writer, how does what happens in your personal life affect what you write about?

My personal life impacts my writing quite heavily; I love to use whatever God is teaching me in life to fuel inspiration for my articles.

8.   Any last words of advice for those who are maybe struggling with their romantic relationship right now?

I am inexperienced in this area, but here is a paraphrase of what I've heard so many married people say to me as well as advice from Leslie Ludy: It's both unrealistic and unfair to the other person to expect them to meet that deep need in your soul for eternal love/approval that only God can satisfy. The more you're satisfied in God, the more a romantic relationship will flourish.

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