How 90 Days Can Change a Man Struggling with Purity

Review of Live Pure & Free: the 90-Day Game Changer by Dave Howe

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As a new reviewer in the CelebrateLit family, I think I got a little over-enthusiastic about all the free books I could sign up for in exchange for a review. :) I almost didn't sign up for this one, but on the last day available, they said they were looking for more reviewers. I responded that I didn't think it would apply to me, but they said it would be good for my 12-year-old son. So I signed up.

In retrospect, it really wasn't for me or for my son. I do believe that the content is very helpful--for men who have already struggled and fallen into sexual sins. If this is you, or you know someone who is struggling, you can recommend this 90-day devotional as a great starting tool.

About the Book:

Live Pure and Free is for men who want to win in their battle for purity. Live Pure and Free is real. It’s gritty. But most of all, it gives hope.

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About the Author:

Dave Howe is an author, speaker, musician, consultant, retreat leader, and a Regional Group Leader for Pure Desire Ministries. After fighting his own battle for purity, Dave co-founded For Men Only, a support group for men seeking freedom from sexual sin.

His prayer is that Live Pure and Free will be a game changer for men around the world as they seek their freedom in Christ.

Guest Post from Dave

This is not a fluffy book. I talk about the real things that guys in my purity group were going through in their struggles, as well as my own story. It reflects my 10 years of leading men through their journey to purity, which is only found in Christ and with God’s power.

Some of the devotions get gritty, and real. In Revelation 12:11 it says, “ And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” I wanted the reader to say to themselves, “this guy is real. He’s been through this and has overcome. If he can do it, I can do it.”

I heard one writer say that you have to have that personal connection with the reader through your honesty. “You have to bleed all over the pages.” That’s what I did.

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Lila's Opinions:

When I write a review, I keep a set of questions on my laptop for both fiction and non-fiction. I don't necessarily answer every one, but it helps me to have a starting point. Here are my answers for this book:

  1. How is the writing style or quality of the writing? The style was very conversational and very easy-to-understand and free of grammatical errors, which is always important to me.

  2. What do potential readers need to know most about the topic? This is not just a devotional designed to help anyone prevent impurity. This is specifically for men who have already fallen to sexual sins and/or pornography. I must give credit, though. My husband read the first week's devotionals, and he said almost any man over the age of 15 would benefit. He was very impressed; he just didn't think that our 12-year-old was quite ready for that. And that's also dependent on the 12-year-old.

  3. Was the material well-researched and logically organized? There was no researching needed. All of it was personal narrative, though some was collected from other men he has helped mentor. I'm not sure I would say the content was organized, as sometimes the points seemed to repeat themselves.

    In full disclosure, I only received the book less than three weeks before my review was due, so I wasn’t able to read one devotional per day, as it was designed to be read. I’m sure that repeating the themes would have been better over a 90-day period, as repetition is key to learning.

    However, the 90-day devotional format with the lines for journaling was visually appealing, snippet-sized for men who may not read much, and hopefully will help begin the habit of journaling. The appendix was very helpful, advising to start journaling, the need for accountability partners, the different kinds of accountability software, and purity protection plan examples. I didn't understand what to do with the feelings word chart at the end, but the rest of the appendices seemed very helpful.

  4. Is there humor or personal narrative in the book? I didn't notice any humor. Almost the entire content is personal narrative. While easy to relate to (if you're a man who has fallen into sexual sins already), it didn't seem very practical or prescriptive. It was mostly trying to teach through repetition and get the reader into a habit of daily reading, journaling, and prayer.

  5. What spiritual truths did you glean from the book? Each devotional begins with a verse of Scripture, which is good. But several times the devotional didn't tie in very much to the verse. The main truths are very simple: 1. It's okay to admit you need help with purity. 2. It's hard to change your habit of thinking. 3. Look to Jesus, pray, and find an accountability partner.

  6. For whom would you recommend this book? As mentioned before, I would only recommend it to men who have already struggled with purity, or any man over the age of 15.

  7. Who will not like this book? This is not for the innocent tween looking to stay pure from the get-go, as many stories and personal struggles of the author led me to imagine things that I probably shouldn't have. Of course, I have an over-active imagination, so I wouldn't recommend this to those with active imaginations, either.

  8. Why did you give it the star rating you did? I gave it 4 stars, because the grammar, formatting, embossed cover, and the organization were all of excellent quality! I just didn't personally get anything out of the content, nor did it help my 12-year-old son as I had hoped. But I'm sure it will be helpful to the right reader.

(I received this book for free from CelebrateLit. The decision to write a review, as well as the opinions expressed in it, are all my own. I was not compensated for this review.)