Answers to Sense & Sensibility Quiz

Here are the answers to the quiz at Please don't cheat and look at these before you've written down or printed out your answers from the quiz. ;)

By Lila Diller with  Canva .

By Lila Diller with Canva.

1.      Marianne

2.      Fanny

3.      Edward

4.      Willoughby

5.      Elinor

6.      Mrs. Jennings

7.      Colonel Brandon

8.      Lucy

1-3 answers correct: You may have read it once, but you've forgotten much. Read it again to refresh your memory. :)

4-6 answers correct: You know the story fairly well, but it's been a while, or you're remembering the movies. ;) Maybe you should read S&S again to find the hidden gems.

7-8 answers correct: You're an Austen junkie, like me! :D You don't need to re-read S&S again, but you probably will anyway. ;)

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