How to Overcome Barriers to Quiet Time with God

Do you find Bible study boring? Or difficult? Or do you find making time for it too inconvenient? Then you need to read this not-too-long, easy-to-read guide on why and how to study the Bible for yourself.

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Ultimate Guide to Lila's Favorite Verses

Do you have a “Life Verse”?  Whenever I hear that phrase, I get a little squirmy, because I don’t have one Life Verse.  I have a dozen! 😊  I always have a hard time choosing favorites of anything, because it’s comparing apples with oranges—each one has something unique and beneficial about it.  But here are a few of my favorites, verses I return to time after time for hope, encouragement, and reminders (which I need often). 

I believe that at least some of these verses will encourage you to hope and trust in the Lord, as they have for me. 

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Whatever is Virtuous: Philippians 4:8, Part 7

Philippians 4:8: “…If there is any Virtue…think on these things” (New Heart English Bible).

If we are to “take every thought captive” (2 Cor. 10:5, NASB), then we need to know what kinds of things deserve to be let into the doors of our minds.  Everything else gets entry refused.  Philippians 4:8 gives us a checklist of things we should be thinking about: true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, worthy to be repeated, virtuous, and praiseworthy things.  Today we will be looking at the seventh in this list:  virtuous.

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Whatever is True: Philippians 4:8, Part1

What is Truth?  A question for philosophers of every age and every generation.  Fortunately, we as Jesus-followers have it laid out for us in the Bible, the record of the Truth given to us by God.  So why is it so important – and difficult – to remember to focus on what is true?

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11 Steps to Deeper Bible Study

Have you ever read a 5-minute devotional or an email and thought, “That was great, but I want more!” or “That was a nice story, but it doesn’t really apply to my life right now.”  Or have you ever heard a sermon or read a Scripture passage and wondered, “What does that really mean?” If you have ever wanted to dig deeper into God’s Word, this is the method that I use.

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