How to Overcome Barriers to Quiet Time with God

Do you find Bible study boring? Or difficult? Or do you find making time for it too inconvenient? Then you need to read this not-too-long, easy-to-read guide on why and how to study the Bible for yourself.

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Who Else Wants More Time with Jesus?

Do you want to spend more time in the Lord? Great! You should! But just keep in mind a few caveats. You will need to sacrifice a few things. You might be misunderstood by others. But if the goal is to know the Lord more and invite Him into every area of our lives, then these sacrifices don't really matter. They're not worth the sweet fellowship of growing closer and closer to our Savior.

Charles Stanley in his In Touch devotional for May 3, 2017, gave some great advice. Here are three areas to give youselves (and others) grace in:

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Whatever is True: Philippians 4:8, Part1

What is Truth?  A question for philosophers of every age and every generation.  Fortunately, we as Jesus-followers have it laid out for us in the Bible, the record of the Truth given to us by God.  So why is it so important – and difficult – to remember to focus on what is true?

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11 Steps to Deeper Bible Study

Have you ever read a 5-minute devotional or an email and thought, “That was great, but I want more!” or “That was a nice story, but it doesn’t really apply to my life right now.”  Or have you ever heard a sermon or read a Scripture passage and wondered, “What does that really mean?”

If you have ever wanted to dig deeper into God’s Word, this is the method that I use.

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