God is the Ultimate Example of Parenting

Now that we've seen we need to balance between the two extremes of permissive friends and restrictive authority figures with our children and how and when to say “yes” to our children, now we move on to the ultimate example of good parenting – God Himself. Both God the Father and Jesus the Son show us traits we need to be observing and replicating in our own Christian parenting.

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Christian Parenting with Generosity: Should we Say "Yes" or "No" More to our Kids?

In case you missed it, this is part two of my March Parenting series, a more practical continuation of my blog post last week, balancing permissive friendship with restrictive authority. Please read part one first if you haven't already. Do you want to know what a balanced Christian parenting style looks like? Taken from Jesus' parable in Matthew 7, here's a way to weigh our parenting, using the scale of giving, whether we answer with “yes” or “no” more.

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Christian Parenting: What Should our Relationship be with Our Children as Christian Parents?

The phrase “friend of God” has been so overused. I identify more with “beloved child.” But then I realized something. I am both. It's not an either/or question. It's a both/and. You are, too. You are God's child. You are God's friend. And, ding, ding, ding! The light bulb came on! I can be both to my children, too. I can be their parents while I'm their friend. You can, too. Here’s how:

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Black Friday Gift Ideas for Christian Readers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become big deals in America, especially in the business world. Many businesses spend all year in the red and don't break even until this weekend.

While I don't like the emphasis on materialism, selfishness, and big business ads on top of ads, this time can be used wisely by Christians to show true thanksgiving. Though tempting to buy a lot of stuff “just because it's on sale,” If we plan ahead, we can show our loved ones how thankful we are God has placed them in our lives by buying thoughtful gifts while still remaining good stewards of our financial gifts by utilizing the best prices of the year.

Knock out some of the stress of the holiday season by crossing off items on your to-buy list of gifts, specifically those with spiritual benefits of refreshment and nourishment.

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