The Diller Family's Top 10 TobyMac Songs of 2018

My husband came up with a fun activity today. We all wrote down our favorite TobyMac songs, and he tallied them up to make a Top Ten Countdown List. We then played them from 10 to 1 and danced and sang together. It was a blast!

It was so fun that I thought I would share it with you. Maybe you can modify it to fit your family's tastes.

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Ultimate Guide to Lila's Favorite Verses

Do you have a “Life Verse”?  Whenever I hear that phrase, I get a little squirmy, because I don’t have one Life Verse.  I have a dozen! 😊  I always have a hard time choosing favorites of anything, because it’s comparing apples with oranges—each one has something unique and beneficial about it.  But here are a few of my favorites, verses I return to time after time for hope, encouragement, and reminders (which I need often). 

I believe that at least some of these verses will encourage you to hope and trust in the Lord, as they have for me. 

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Repeated Terms and Abbreviations:

Unfortunately, we don’t all define the same words in the exact same ways.  I assume you understand what I mean when I use a phrase over and over, but you might understand it differently.  So here are the terms and abbreviations I use often on my blog and what I mean by them:

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Top 20 Favorite Novels of All Time!

If I am what I read, then here is who I am: this list of my favorite novels have shaped me into who I am today.

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