How do Privilege and Responsibility fit together in Marriage?

When I think of privilege, I think of many things. But I will focus on responsibility. At first glance, privilege and responsibility probably seem opposites. But they go hand-in-hand.

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Do You Agree? (Five Minute Friday 2-2-2018)

Today's prompt is AGREE.

I usually inwardly cringe when I hear this word. I immediately think of the ecumenical movement, which, though I agree with their motives, I don't agree with their methods.


Agree to me can have the connotation of tolerance, let everybody believe what they want to believe. It's all good.

That's not really what I think Scripture means...

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#Five Minute Friday Prompt: Simplify

I've started a new, little experiment. I'm going to try to blog every Friday, just free-writing for five minutes (so don't expect long, polished posts). ;)  If you blog, you can join us at

Today's prompt word is SIMPLIFY.

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