Repeated Terms and Abbreviations:

Unfortunately, we don’t all define the same words in the exact same ways. I tend to assume you understand what I mean when I use a phrase over and over, but you might understand it differently. So here are the terms and abbreviations I use often on my blog and what I mean by them:

Belief = An intellectual agreement with the facts that we have learned

Faith = We prove that our belief is real by acting on it (James 2:14-26).  That action is Faith.

Forbearance = Having Patience with people; longsuffering; an attitude of grace, living with their faults and remembering how much God has forgiven us.

Glorification = We will finally receive the ultimate result of our salvation when we die and go to Heaven, forever to live without the presence of sin. It will include a glorified, sinless body in Heaven with God forever. The final moment of salvation, when eternity is come.

Hope = Hope is not a wishful, maybe someday longing.  In the Bible, Hope means a confident expectation, looking forward to something that will definitely happen; it just hasn’t happened yet.  Waiting on the Lord is really Hoping with Faith.

Justification = We have been saved at one point in time, in the past. It’s a one-time decision made by an unbeliever that turns them into a believer; confessing that Jesus is God, Savior, and Lord; believing Jesus is the Son of God and trusting His righteousness as payment for their personal sin; confident in a future home in Heaven.

NT = New Testament

OT = Old Testament

Patience = Endurance; waiting with a good attitude through hard trials or suffering.

Relationship = Two people having influence on one another, a friendship that comes from spending time together

Salvation = In most instances, it’s used to refer to the spiritual rebirth; the point in time when a person changes from unbelieving and condemned already to an eternity in Hell (Romans 3:18) to believing in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, trusting in His work on the cross as the sacrifice for our sins to give us eternal life in Heaven. Three verb tenses are used in the Bible: justification, sanctification, and glorification (see definitions of each of these words).

Sanctification = We are continually being saved from the power of sin our lives here on earth, in the present. It’s an ongoing process by the Holy Spirit, to turn a believer from a sinful, selfish person into a more holy, selfless servant, more and more into the image of Christ, our Model.

Trust = head knowledge has found its way into our heart.  We have placed our trust in God.  We know that He knows what is best for us as a good Father and a Good Shepherd.  We wait for Him to work for us and in us and through us.

Truth = Biblical truth, both facts and Biblical principles; proven to be real

Waiting on the Lord = Hoping with Faith; persevering through trials; endurance.

The Word = the Bible (as a whole)


If I have left something out, please comment below or email me at!  If there is a word or abbreviation that I have used in past posts that you don’t completely understand, please comment below, and I’ll add it to the list.