The Diller Family's Top 10 TobyMac Songs of 2018

Welcome to the 1st Annual Diller's Top Ten Countdown! :D

My innovative husband created a fun family activity this week. We each wrote down our favorite TobyMac songs, listing our top 10 favorites, and my hubby tallied them up to make a Top Ten Countdown List. We then played them from 10 to 1 and enjoyed a song and dance party together. It was a blast!

It was so fun that I thought I would share it with you. Maybe you can modify it to fit your family's tastes.

Photo & created by Lila Diller with  Canva .

Photo & created by Lila Diller with Canva.

Disclaimer 1: 

My husband is the TobyMac fan. I have been very vocal in the past about not appreciating rap. As a singer, I like melody and harmony much better than rap; however, I will admit that I admire TobyMac's voice when he sings. And, furthermore, I will even go so far to say that some of his songs I love actually do have a rap part in them. But the parts that are my favorites are always the melodic parts. Even in the rap parts, though, when the rhythm is catchy and the lyrics make sense, I don't mind rap as much as I used to. I appreciate TobyMac's vision of trying to bring Jesus to those who normally listen to rap and hip-hop. 

Disclaimer 2:

My husband was the judge; he had to make executive decisions on what to rate higher. For example, there were some of us who had a song rated high on our personal charts, but no one else even included it. It seemed unfair to rank it higher just by points than another song that made two family member's charts but was slightly lower in points. Because I believe in my husband's commitment to and passion for justice, I fully stand behind all his decisions. :) 

Disclaimer 3:

We probably didn't even consider all of TobyMac's song, because we only counted those we had on CD. The CD's that were considered included: Eye on It, Tonight, This is Not a Test, Portable Sounds, and Hits Deep Live.

Our goal is to do this once a month, but we're already wondering which artist to spotlight next month, because we don't have many other CD's. My husband had specifically asked for TobyMac's CD's for Christmas last year and this. Maybe we'll choose our favorite YouTube favorites on my playlist. ;)

Here's the List, beginning from the last to the very first. If you haven't heard these, I would highly recommend you at least listen to them once. [Beware, some of them are a little harder than I'm used to.]

Drum roll, please...

10. Captured

9. Tonight

8. Funky Jesus Music

7. Hey, Devil

6. Feelin' So Fly

5. Feel It

4. Speak Life

3. Eye on It

2. This is Not a Test

1. Unstoppable

Join the conversation: Which are you favorite TobyMac songs? Which artist or category would you suggest my family rates next month?