A Day in the Life of an Indie Author

If you've ever thought about making a career out of writing, pull up a chair, pour your favorite beverage, and listen to these 5 practical tips I've learned to keep my time managed to at least a sane and manageable stress. ;)

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Experiences from a Creative Mind: How do Artists Think?

I think it's a good idea for us to learn about people who react differently and think differently from us. We can always learn something new that we can use to improve ourselves, even if it doesn't come naturally. As Christians, we know that what we should do definitely does not come naturally, and we have to work at it. For those of you who don't understand how creative people think, here are a few snapshots that highlight common experiences for us artists and will help you understand and feel empathy for those who are different.

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Introduction to a Business for Authors, Reveries Co. + a Giveaway!

Today I’m sharing a post written by Miss Kellyn Roth to introduce her new business, Reveries Co., with services of all kinds for authors.

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Black Friday Gift Ideas for Christian Readers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become big deals in America, especially in the business world. Many businesses spend all year in the red and don't break even until this weekend.

While I don't like the emphasis on materialism, selfishness, and big business ads on top of ads, this time can be used wisely by Christians to show true thanksgiving. Though tempting to buy a lot of stuff “just because it's on sale,” If we plan ahead, we can show our loved ones how thankful we are God has placed them in our lives by buying thoughtful gifts while still remaining good stewards of our financial gifts by utilizing the best prices of the year.

Knock out some of the stress of the holiday season by crossing off items on your to-buy list of gifts, specifically those with spiritual benefits of refreshment and nourishment.

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13 Worship Songs for Christian Writers

Are you a Christian writer? Have you been in a slump lately? Maybe writer's block? Maybe you're struggling with inadequacy: “Who am I to write this message?” Inspiration for writers block: let me share some songs that were instrumental in helping me to push past the fear and inferiority to share this gift God has given me. I think they'll motivate you, too.

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How to Make our Writing Impactful by Understanding Theology

I don't know about you, but I have never realized that my view of theology could affect how I write! I want to create more authentic characters within a designed story arc so that I can impact my readers in a way that transforms their lives. But how does my view of God do that?

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