are you struggling to self-edit or finding an affordable professional editor?

You’re in the right place! Because I want to help independent writers (Indies) avoid some of the mistakes I made with my first book, I’m offering editing and proofing services.

If you don’t have the time or technical know-how to figure out how to do these necessary tasks for yourself, I can help you save time and much frustration. Believe me, it took me several tries and much frustration trying to figure it all out. Now that I know what I’m doing, I can help you, especially independently published authors.

Lila did a wonderful job proofreading my middle grade fantasy adventure novel. She caught several things that would have been somewhat embarrassing mistakes. Even though Lila was primarily proofreading for me, she also mentioned a detail in one scene that was super helpful. I would use Lila again to proof one of my novels.” - R.V. Bowman, author of Hook’s Daughter

"Working with Lila was a delight. She understood what I needed and went above and beyond to ensure that my expectations were met and exceeded. She has an eye for detail and I was extremely happy with the formatting of my ebook. In the past I formatted my own books, but hiring Lila saved me hours of time re-learning the system. I was able to rest assured that a digital editor who values excellence was formatting my book for Kindle and Createspace [now Amazon KDP]." - Deanne Welsh, author of When God Calls a Writer

For editing and proofreading services, I offer 5 pages (or the first chapter, whichever is shortest) as a free sample of my work and to see if we would work well together.

These are ballpark figures. Please click on the respective button for a custom quote.

editing low offer - for the already revised manuscript: proofreading only

proofreading only

This is just a clean-up of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. No notes about characters, realism, or story plot. I highly recommend you already have the manuscript edited by at least one person before this process.

I only accept clean material (no profanity or sexual innuendo, please).

I charge $0.015 (1 1/2 cents) per word for proofreading only, whether fiction or nonfiction.

You will receive up to two proofreads for this price; if any more are required, there will be an extra charge of $25/hour for each additional edit.

editing high offer - for all other manuscripts: the works (developmental notes, line-by-line editing, & proofing)

line-by-line editing + proofreading + developmental notes

In addition to grammar, punctuation, and spelling, for fiction, I will make notes on character development, plot, consistency and realism, dialogue, and any other notes when I’m pulled out of the story. For nonfiction, I will make notes on format, logic, source citing, etc.

I will give suggestions on how to change problem areas, with the understanding that you are the author and final authority. I try to keep true to the author’s voice and intention while offering suggestions for clarity and crispness.

I only accept clean material (no profanity or sexual innuendo, please).

I charge $0.02 per word for line editing services of nonfiction material.

$0.03 per word for line editing services of fiction material.

You will receive up to three revisions + two proofreads for this price; if any more are required, there will be an extra charge of $25/hour for each additional edit.

lila diller

I am an author and editor. My mission is to create romance, whether in your marriage, your relationship with the Lord, or with the written word.

As an editor, I hope to create romance for your novels, treating them like they were my own! ;) I want to see them as professional and compelling as possible. I don’t want beginning writers to make the same mistakes I made when I first started out.

My goal is to help indie authors transform their wonderful ideas into tight, vivid works they can be proud of, with as few errors as humanly possible. I want their readers to understand what the author was trying to say, not being distracted by misspellings or grammatical errors. I want the authors to be trusted and looked up to as experts and professional.