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evergreen platform school

Kirsten is a marketing extraordinaire! Her Facebook Group (one of my favorites!) features an eclectic collection of highly engaged and helpful writers, a community she has molded to be so. She has opened her Evergreen Platform School, a simple but robust collection of her best marketing tips over the years.

unstoppable writers

Deanne is a visionary writing and business coach for new authors! Her Facebook Group as well as her books have inspired and given me the tools to move forward in my author career. I also highly recommend her coaching calls! Just tell her Lila sent you. ;)

the god-centered marriage

Imagine a thriving Christian marriage that brings glory to God.

One where following God’s blueprint for marriage helps you navigate the inevitable twists and turns life joined to another can bring.

Join me in the God-Centered Marriage course as we take the first step into this life and faith changing course.

Faithful Finish Lines, a Christian weight-loss program. Women crossing the finish line, keeping their weight loss goals

Faithful Finish Lines, a Christian weight-loss program. Women crossing the finish line, keeping their weight loss goals

Have you ever felt like you get it together in other areas of your life, but not with fitness or your weight?

  • Do you feel like exercise is for other women, but it's just not your thing?

  • Are you embarrassed because of the way you have "let yourself go" when it comes to your health?

I've been there.

Sara and Jenny, the founders of Faithful Finish Lines have been there, too.

They thought achieving a healthy weight was impossible for them. They believed they would always hate exercise.

Have you thought this, too?

They were wrong.

Faithful Finish Lines 7-week online incorporates the healthy eating, physical activity, and mental strategies that will get you to a healthy new you.

What is the Faithful Finish Lines 7-Week Program?

Whether you are totally out of shape, have been exercising for years, or are somewhere in between, Faithful Finish Lines is for you.

During the 7-week program, each week you will focus on a different aspect of faith and fitness, all while you work toward a fitness goal of your choosing.

Many people walk/run a 5K (3.1 miles) at the completion of the program, but many other goals can be accommodated as well!

You choose the goal, we'll help you get there.

Faithful Finish Lines is not a once-and-done program. After the first 7 weeks, you are forever included in Lifetime Membership with Faithful Finish Lines ongoing community membership of support!

Registration now open.

Work less, achieve more and do everything better with the free training.

Work less, achieve more and do everything better with the free training.

How to Get Healthier, Happier, and More Productive

Here are 3 things you can do differently today to elevate your productivity.

(In a minute, I’ll show you where you can get more practical tips, just like these.)

  • “Start each item on your to-do list with a verb that represents the next physical action you need to take to move the project forward.” -- David Allen, author of Getting Things Done

  • “If you find yourself complaining, recognize that it may be damaging your health and preventing you from achieving financial success. What you focus on expands.” -- T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

  • “The next time you’re feeling stressed, try shifting your focus to what you can do to help others. Doing so will make your situation feel more controllable.” --Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage

The hacks I just shared are from Ron’s guide, which he’s giving away to everyone who registers for the Summit.

And there are many others that are just as powerful. They’ll help you overcome productivity roadblocks, reduce stress levels, and feel more energized when you get home.

This guide is a compilation of the best ideas of 50 leading experts in productivity, peak performance, and success. People like David Allen, Daniel Pink, Adam Grant, Susan Cain, Shawn Achor, Marshall Goldsmith, Gretchen Rubin, and other respected thought leaders. I’ll be sharing my insights as well.

Why is Ron giving this away for free? Simple: He wants to give folks a flavor of some of the powerful ideas that are going to be shared during the Summit.

After the Summit starts he’s going to pull it down, so I recommend you download this eBook right away. Because it’s a gem. (You might want to print it out and keep a copy sitting on your desk.)

Click the link below to download your free copy, and tune into the Summit for even more powerful insights on health, happiness, and success.

The Peak Performance Playbook

Nick Stephenson of 10KReaders, awesome emailer of free but valuable content—and a successful author in his own right.

Nick Stephenson of 10KReaders, awesome emailer of free but valuable content—and a successful author in his own right.

There’s a myth going around.

Ask anyone the best way to get noticed online, chances are they’ll say: “Just produce more content!” Or, “Just write more books!” Or, “Start a podcast! Shoot some videos! Write more blog posts!”

Somehow it’s as if flinging out random content into the world will somehow magically help you grow your audience and find more readers.

If you’ve ever tried that approach, I’m betting you burned out pretty quick.

Overwhelm is a killer. And so is bad advice. When you don’t know how to separate the wheat from the chaff, it’s not wonder people struggle to grow their businesses.

My favorite approach: find someone who’s found success and model their approach to your own business.

I’m a big fan of Nick Stephenson, and he has just released a free online training series that breaks down how he went from a struggling graduate trying to find work to a business owner and author bringing in 7 figures a year.

Using ebooks and publishing.

The first video in this free video training series is out right now for a limited time - in this session Nick explains the 5 top struggles that online business owners face, and the super-specific 3 step formula you can use to overcome them.

Go Watch The Video Here:

Just click the link above, enter your email address, and you’ll get access to the first video right away.

Then Nick will send you the rest of the training series when it’s ready.

In this free video training series you’ll also learn:

  • > how to use ebooks to grow your audience on autopilot

  • > how to sell without being sleazy, and get readers begging to buy from you

  • > how to put everything on autopilot so you can avoid overwhelm and focus on other things

  • > why “just write more content” is terrible advice, and what you should do instead

Over the course of 3 videos, Nick’s going to break it all down for you.

But for now, go watch Video 1 here:

And Nick will be sure to send you the rest of your free training as soon as it’s ready.