While I offer formatting and editing services (see here), I wanted to steer you to professionals who might help you better in other areas. These are all people I trust and support their excellent work.

Note: These are also affiliate links; I earn a small commission should you decide to purchase anything, but your price never changes. You're never under any obligation to buy. These are just products and services I recommend.

evergreen platform school

Kirsten is a marketing extraordinaire! Her Facebook Group features an eclectic collection of highly engaged and helpful writers, a community she has molded to be so. She has opened her Evergreen Platform School, a simple but robust collection of her best marketing tips over the years.

unstoppable writers

Deanne is a visionary writing and business coach for new authors! Her Facebook Group as well as her books have inspired and given me the tools to move forward in my author career. I also highly recommend her coaching calls! Just tell her Lila sent you. ;)

the god-centered marriage

Imagine a thriving Christian marriage that brings glory to God.

One where following God’s blueprint for marriage helps you navigate the inevitable twists and turns life joined to another can bring.

Join me in the God-Centered Marriage course as we take the first step into this life and faith changing course.